Gunite Company

Gunite Company, bad gunite workmanship, gunite too smooth

The last straw has officially broke! On a major structural repair to a pool, a local gunite company thought it made sense to finish the gunite with a slick steel trowel finish. Plaster will lose its bond to smooth substrates in short order.  This speaks to the lack of knowledge that exists on with this particular crew in this local gunite company which employs several gunite crews. The issue with the gunite was reported immediately. It has been 2 weeks and they have yet to come and look at the pool and correct the issue to the pool. This speaks to their apathetic approach of taking responsibility for poor quality workmanship. They will never be involved in another G&B project. In fact there are several local gunite companies that are not welcome on my projects due to the lack of knowledge and constant bad short cuts they try to take. We will have to Hydro Demo the pool again to correct the blunder made by this gunite company.

As the only plaster applicator in DFW that guarantees the adhesion of the plaster to the substrate, G&B demands newly placed substrates to be finished in accordance with standard quality practices. I cannot get that from the gunite companies G&B has used.  The only way G&B can get quality work over the last 10 years is when we’ve stood on the beam of the pool the entire time the gunite company is working on the pool and managing their process.  We have to stay there until the gunite crew is finished and packed up.

With that in mind, G&B is starting our own Shotcrete operation. We will do our own projects and stop offering them out to any other gunite companies. By doing the Shotcrete in-house, G&B can guarantee the quality the same way we do in our 5 Year Replaster Warranty. G&B will master the Shotcrete process and begin offering our services to other quality conscious contractors in 2015. G&B is a member of the American Shotcrete Association (ASA).