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Plaster Cracks – How They Occur

The water in your swimming pool is the most powerful element in the world. If you are not in control of that water, it will soon be in control of you. Water that escapes your pool can cause damage to your pool, pool deck, or other concrete structures close to your pool.

Any crack that is a straight directional line crack is a structural crack. It will not be a plaster crack even if someone tells you it is a plaster crack. Plaster cracks only exist because the gunite substrate is cracked. Cracks in swimming pools must be addressed to prevent them from becoming worse, such as allowing the pool to lose water. Water loss may not appear to be a concern; however, any amount of water loss over a period of time can result in major structural problem for the pool.

Cracks in swimming pools can be caused by several things including but not limited to:
1. Inadequate bearing capacity of the soil or soils related issues.
2. Inadequate tensile strength, and/or lack of, or improper placement of reinforcing steel.
3. Inadequate compressive values of the gunite.
4. Water loss allowing soil to swell or shrink away from the pool.

Homebrew Bond Coat Failures


Homebrew bond coats are used by plaster applicators that do not care if your plaster investment lasts a long time or not. They hope it will at least last 1 year. It will not last much longer. You will be putting up with several issues that will develop because of the homebrew bond coat. As you can see your replaster investment will develop cracks (crows foot pattern), broken debonded spots, black algae, and uncontrollable calcium nodules. A company that planned for your replaster investment to last a long time would not use a homebrew bond coat and would not replaster over anything other that the original plaster layer. Replastering over a previously replastered surface is a mistake. Those layers must be removed and the prep performed on the original plaster surface.

Crack Repair in a Swimming Pool


Pools are built everyday without considering the soil that the pool is built on. When the soil cannot support the pools weight or a water loss occurs that causes the soil to shift, the pool will crack. If you hire a company to repair those cracks and they do not understand or even look to find what caused the cracks to appear, you will likely waste your money with them. The cracks in your pool are a symptom of a larger problem. The problem must be addressed if the crack repair is to last.

How We Fix Them

Check out this new video. You haven’t seen this done before. This was done with a three man prep crew, one man clean up crew, and a normal 6 man plaster crew in a single day.