Problems with Salt Systems

 salt system will damage this feature


There are problems with salt systems in swimming pools and it seems as though most want to ignore those issues in spite of the damage being caused. As the only plaster applicator In Dallas/Fort Worth with the courage and conviction in our services to be able to offer a 5 year warranty on our plaster services, I feel it is necessary to help identify other services and products that offer similar value to our customers.

At the 2014 Pool/Spa/Patio Expo in Orlando, I came across two such opportunities that every pool owner should have in their pool to improve their chance to enjoy their pool rather than put up with it.

I have never been a fan of Salt Systems due to the damage the salt causes to the pool and the back yard environment. All of the positives that companies push out on salt systems are not at all true. It does not pay for itself, it does not make the water chemistry easier, and it does not make your water feel better.

Salt systems will damage coping regardless of its expense. Brick coping survives well on salt system pools, but it is not currently desirable in the marketplace. Salt systems require salt to be in the pool. Salt is corrosive. Salt systems as the sanitation system in the pool showed an increase in surface deterioration at the National Pool Industry Research Center when compared to pools without salt. Salt systems cause the pH to constantly rise which requires twice a week pool chemistry adjustments to prevent scale developing…so much for being easier. The reason the water feels better is relative to how the water felt when the pool was on chlorine tablets with all of the junk that is added to those tablets to give the chlorine shelf life, not because of the salt system.

For a solution to the challenges salt systems cause to your pool and backyard, stay tuned…