Replaster Investment

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Pools that have been replastered in the past must have their previous plaster layer removed if you expect your replaster investment to be enjoyed for any length of time. 

Take the pool in the picture for example. This franchise pebble company felt it was sufficient to only remove the hollows spots from this previously replastered pool.  From the photo you can see there were dozens of hollow spots in the plaster.  Can you guess what happened to this homeowner’s replaster investment? It failed, which should be of no surprise to anyone. The company had to come back, drain the pool and patch the de-bonded areas of the homeowner’s replaster investment.  Do you think the homeowner was happy with patches in their supposed best pebble finish?  No!  G&B was contacted to perform our Hydro Demo Replaster prep on the pool at the original company’s expense. Our pool finishes do not de-bond. We guarantee it!

Previous replaster layers must always be removed.  This is due to the homebrew bond coat that was used when it was installed.  Homebrew bond coats do not work and must be removed from our industry. If they worked they would be guaranteed by the companies that sell them.  Currently no company using homebrew bond coat offers a guarantee.

Has your pool been replastered in the past?  If you are not sure, there are some visual signs that will give you a hint if it has been replastered before or not.  If the pool is 15 years old and you cannot see the substrate showing anywhere through the plaster in the pool, it likely has been replastered. Plaster around the lights and pool returns will make those fixtures look recessed in the pool wall on a pool that has been replastered with a homebrew bond coat. 

Pools that have been replastered in the past are not a good substrate for your new replaster investment. If a company tells you it is not a problem, demand they warranty their statement for 5 years.